Kevin Sherman


I've been developing all types of unique web sites, online applications, and web-based services since the mid-1990's.

My technical experience includes such things as HTML5 Responsive Design, WordPress, Custom Theme Dev, WooCommerce, PHP, MySql, JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax, CSS, and much more.

The projects shown below are a few of the more recent ones I've built independently or as part of a small creative team, in which case, my contribution was largely focused on the technical side of things.

If you have any questions about my availability for your own project needs, please don't hesitate in contacting me .

Bringing Ideas To Life...
Genii Magazine
Working with an experienced marketing partner, I architected out and fully developed this automated Software as a Service (SaaS).

This service enables Amazon™ Sellers to easily create video-enhanced campaign "squeeze" pages for their products and includes a number of custom built tools for list building and promo code distribution.

Key development aspects include...Personally building all front-end visual and UI, all the front-end admin console functionality and UI, all the back-end database+functions, e-commerce integration, security, server set-up, admin+support, etc.

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eMag Service
Genii Magazine
Working directly with Genii's Art Director, who designed the look and feel of the site...I developed out a subscription-based website service that enables their visitors to purchase and manage their subscriptions.

Key aspects of development include leveraging a variety of WooCommerce plug-ins, secure token connections to a third-party hosting group for archived magazine issues, and the importing and managment of existing subscribers into the new system.

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Web Application
Intuit Wizard
Working for a small SF Advertising Agency, I worked closely with their internal creative team and developed out a web-based application that was designed to help Intuit customers identify W2 employee status.

Key aspects of development include a HTML5 responsive design (tablet and desktop only) and custom UI "results" logic.

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Storybook Campaign
EMC Storyboard
Working with a Bay Area boutique design agency and their internal designer, I developed a web-based storybook UI solution that helps inform visitors about EMC's product line in a highly engaging way.

Key aspects of development include a responsive design, custom page turning solution, fallback support, and variety of loading and UI animations.

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Museum Website
BeyondBelief Website
Working directly with Contemporary Jewish Museum's Chief Designer, I developed an HTML5 based responsive website which takes visitors on a spiritual journey of artwork on loan from SFMOMA as well as providing resources and material for Teachers, Educators, and Families.

Key development aspects included creating a custom WordPress theme, creating a variety of unique UI animation aspects as well as tracking of users throughout their journey to display dynamic content.

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Cineak Website
Working with Cineak's Art Director I developed a flexible base website which enables them to self-manage it themselves. This updated site features a variety of dynamic content carousels to help showcase a large and growing number of product offerings.

Key aspects of development include custom theme development on a CMS framework and variety of jQuery development.

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Responsive Pages
Working with a growing Bay Area Advertising Agency, I worked closely with one of their Art Director's to program out a variety of responsive HTML5 based web pages for both internal and client needs.

Key aspects of development included a combination of modern HTML5 development techniques like parallax scrolling and custom google maps.

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iPad Kiosk
BeyondBelief Kiosk
Working with Contemporary Jewish Museum, I developed a dynamic iPad Kiosk questionnaire system (5 kiosks systems in all) which visitors can interact with while walking through their Beyound Belief exhibition.

Key aspects of development included creating a flexible custom theme on a CMS framework that dynamically captures and displays percentage based results for all visitor interactions of each kiosk questionnaire.

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Video Service
I designed and created this free video service simply for the fun of it and it has been used for years now by many professionals and those in the educational field alike.

This service was more-or-less created out of my simple desire to create a UI with as few steps as possible that would clean-up and customize the viewing of any YouTubeTM video.

Key development aspects include creating and coding all the front-end UI and visual elements as well as creating the dynamic back-end database+functions.

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Interactive Game
Citrix Virtual Game
Citrix required a highly interactive web based game housed in an asset-rich microsite. The game environment featured virtualization expert Brian Madden as emcee, leading people through a challenging Q&A about Citrix solutions.

Key aspects of development included custom video solution using proprietary techniques and database driven content.

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Responsive Updates+
Baker Street Advertising
I took over development of this website and performed a full blown responsive update as well as adding of some new content areas as on this custom built Wordpress theme.

Key aspects of development include distilling all older HTML content and making css, jquery, and wordpress updates where required to update the site so that it works on a variety of mobile devices.

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Digital Style Guide
Bank of America StyleGuide Example
Bank of America required an easily updatable style-guide solution that could explain a comprehensive set of guides to ensure consistency and accuracy for all their developers world-wide.

Key aspects of development included architecting out and creating a flexible system that could be easily updated by their internal Usability group.

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Social Media Service
BubbleTweet Website
BubbleTweet was a free video service that launched in 2006 and enabled anyone using the Twitter® social media service to record or upload short video messages that can be shared directly with their respective followers.

This service has now been phased out and closed down...However, during it's spiritied lifetime, it experience about 30K unique twitter members who signed up to use it, it was receiving about 100K daily page views, and climed to a about 14 million total unique page views.

Key aspects of development included buidling and running the whole operation on a shoestring budget and learning my way through it all...I also developed a number proprietary video techniques, build the entire database driven system, and tied it all directly to Twitter's API.

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Virtual Assistant
Yahoo Website
After an initial presentation of some new proprietary video techniques I was developering...Yahoo! requested a custom version of my proprietary Pop-Up video player to directly explain the core features of newly created Yahool! Tech portal they were working. The customer video player I developed for them offered caption options as well as self-scrolling capabilities.

Key aspects of development included custom video player development based on Yahoo's specific needs and proprietary integration.

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Interactive Presentation
Verizon Website
Working directly with a contract creative director of Verizon Wireless, I helped them develop a new to explain how their PIX n FLIX phone service worked to new visitors. I created a interactive human-based solution that incorporated a virtual spokesperson to directly walk visitors through through their new product.

Key aspects of development included buiding a custom Flash based video solution that used proprietary techniques.

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Marketing Campaigns
Diageo Campaigns
Working directly with a now defunct bay area agency, I developed a variety of unique landing pages, rich emails, and specialty sites for Diageo, a multinational alcoholic beverages company headquartered in London, England.

Key aspects of development include pixel perfect implemenation of supplied designs combined with solid coding that worked for a world-wide audience.

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Interactive Presentation
SquareOne Website
Working directly with the creative director of Square1, I helped them make a big impression with their upscale homeowner customers by designing, architeching out, and developing an elegant, interactive experience that welcomed new visitors and communicated the Square1 offering in direct and detailed fashion.

Key aspects of development includ developing a Flash based environment that incorporated proprietary techniques.

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Subscription-Based Video Service
BubbleComment Service
BubbleComment was a web-based video subscription service that enabled all types of websites to easily leverage the power of video for direct communication within their prospects.

This service has now been phased out and closed down...However, it ran for about 5 years and experienced a short but sweet bell curve period.

Key aspects of development include developing and offering the whole database driven solution while also building out custom video tools and features using proprietary techniques.

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Interactive Presentation
Content On-Demand Virtual Presentation
Content-On-Demand, a web-based publisher of mathematical courses, was looking for a more automated way to explaining how their course worked...So using some of my skills, I built them out out and interaction presentation that could discern students needs from instructors and properly guide prospects through Content-On-Demand's web-based material.

Key aspects of development included creating a custom Flashe-based video solution that was integrated into their existing website.

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Custom Video Player
Ciena Video Player
For a new video web service, Ciena was looking for a new custom video player that could dynamically load in videos from a Flash Media Server as well as XML data, and automatically check users connection speed to supply the best video experience possible.

Key aspects of development included creating a custom steaming video solution that was database driven.

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Interactive Presentation
Mitsubishi Virtual Presentation
Working directly with Mitsubishi Electronics, I created a virtual interactive presentation that clearly explains how versatile, and stylish their home theater projector systems work.

Key aspects of development included creating a Flash based environment that uses custom video techniques to walk website visitors through their products.

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Virtual Representative
XO Virtual Presentation
To inform web visitors of a new XO communication service, I created a virtual representative that walks out directly onto their web page and speak directly with their visitors.

Key aspects of development include creating a custom video solution that loads directly over their existing site.

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Video Trivia Game
Adobe Trivia Game Website
Adobe Systems required a dynamic video trivia game solution that would allow their Platinum Club Members to participate in a contest to visit Spain.

Key aspects of development included the creation of database driven management system which allowed for new videos and questions each week.

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